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We can only showcase some of Julia’s poems here.

Snow is falling slowly, slowly
Touching gently my fair face

Warmth turns the flakes from snow to water
Running like a secret tear not to forget

While I’m standing here at the edge of the centuries
Starring at the dark white life’s
Born, dying, reborn, vanishing away into the silver lands

Standing with my soul wide open
Never to regret anything at all

Longing for the warmth of your skin
The softness of your kiss

I choose a mortal life
To share it passionately with you

I choose the harder way
To melt into deepest love with you

To explode into thousand purple sparkles
And to assemble into something new

Poem reading in German, English coming soon

Sometimes I imagine just to vanish inside the crowd,
To be the common neighbour to unimportant to stand out,
To follow the guidelines of a stupid, normal life,
To walk the easy way without head up high,
Without consciousness, emotions and hunger for pure life.

Not to get hurt or lost, not to be rejected or judged
‘Cause I would be invisible like all the others without passion and lust.
I wouldn’t offend by fighting for a better life
Nor would I disturb anybody’s sleep of death while being somehow buried alive.
‘Cause I wouldn’t longing for something more intense
And greater than the all Sunday afternoon apple pie.

I would be nothing special and mean nothing real and deep to anyone
Like everybody’s living blindly in softest ignorance side by side having fun.
I would hide all my feelings till they are painfully gone for good
And would be mysteriously happy and innocently walking through
‘Cause an empty heart for sure guarantees my ticket to common peace.

I would have no responsibilities for anything at all ‘cause who takes none for his own life
Isn’t able to be blamed in any circumstance that might occur.
Oh God, how perfect my world could be if I wasn’t alive and if I just wasn’t me.

Music is playing in my soul
Music plays my soul
Softly, roughly
Torturing, teasing
Pretending, facing
Every heartbeat in resonance
I hold my breath
Not wanting to disturb
Not willing to stop
Bring me up, push me back
In my deepest shadow
Meeting myself inside again
Inside your body full of tunes
Time no longer exists
Emotion is the moment in motion
The moment of your voice touching me
The silence in between
Waiting for the next infusion of pure life

Soon the poetry book „ICH BIN DA“ („I AM THERE“) with self-written, poetic texts and poems of Julia Domenica will be released. Pre-orders are only possible for a short period of time now via management@juliadomenica.com or use the follwing order form. The poetry book will be a collection of German poems. In the future an English version shall follow. the book will cost 12,90 € , pre-orders get a reduced price of 9,90 €. Pleae, contact us for shipping cost questions. Paperback • 132 pages.


With your pre-order you support the independence of the artist because the financing of the projects becomes more easy! The poetry book „Ich bin da“ is a self-production and is not backed up by a publisher. You wish to support Julia’s other projects, too?! One possibility is via donation.

German Poetry Book "Ich bin da"

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