Introduction & CD

Sound music is the catchword! In the beginning there was the word, thus the sound!

„Sound is a resonance with a definied frequency. Everything in our world, if alive or not, has a resonance. From the scientific as well as the spirtual point of view.

The „right“ sound, resonance, can destroy like e.g. the high frequency that let a glas burst.

The right sound, resonance also can heal! So e.g. cells can be activated to grow or also the production of the stress hormon Cortisol can get reduced.

Since ever music touched my heart. Everyone knows from own experience that music effects our mood, our feelings directly. And therefore in the end our body, our imagination, our lives, too.

That I find very fascinating and there comes a great potential for change with it.“

Currently Julia’s instruments are the following:

The Body Tambura
A string instrument with uplifting sound and intense resonance.
The lingering into the silence through its sound carpet is a touching experience for me everytime anew. More about the instrument here…

In 2014 Julia’s first instrumental CD „WAVES“ with the bodytambura as main instrument got released. More information about the CD and order possibilities further down below.

The Buffalo Drum

A big frame drum with earthly sound and quite long linger.

Playable with many variantions in position and sound reminds this American frame drum of sounds from the Native Americans.

The Lotus Tambourine

Remo developed this limited tambourine especially for the internationally known rhythm artist Layne Redmond.

A crisp, bright sound of the drum with by choice playable strong-vibrating jingles.

Further Percussion Elements

Rhythm is an important part of music. It gives structure and dynamic.

CD "Waves"

„Seldomly the body tambura is used as actual instrument. To my knowledge not at all at a music tour… But nothing is impossible 😉

Because of the collaboration with the experienced and sensible singer-songwriter Thomas Busse ( inspiration, ideas and concrete possibilities to use the bodytambura as accompanying instrument came up.

This special project started witht the Christmas tour „Das etwas andere Weihnachtskonzert“ in 2013 in Germany.

The excitement of the audience and the uniqueness of the union of guitar and body tambura inspired the SPIRIT-MUSIC-TOUR 2014/2015 of Thomas Busse.In 2016 now the tour „Friedliche Rebellen Tour“ is following. Find deatails and dates here…

I am supporting Thomas and his program with the bodytambura, the Buffalo drum, the Lotus tambourine, further percussion elements, my voice and poetic texts.“


„The true music lies in the silence between the notes.“

2014 my debute album with the body tambura as main instrument was released, a special instrumental CD.

„WAVES“, my first musical work, is a diverse, pure, deep, musical journey that gives chances to experience relaxation, inner peace, connection and letting go.
To enjoy and support your relaxation methods, meditation, yoga, qi gong etc.

In addition to the sound arrangements, some of my profound poems are in the booklet as a special.
The booklet includes a description and the poems are in German as well as in English.

The body tambura played by me are also to be heard on the new CD of Thomas Busse „Tribute to…“ for the song „Wide Lands“.
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The CD costs 14,90 € plus shipping.

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If you wish you can also order a beautiful postcard of one of my paintings.
The postcard costs 1,50 €.

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The Body Tambura

MORNING GLORY (Length 11:34)

WIDE LANDS (Length 10:22)

PURE (Length 20:17)

WAVES (Length 14:23)

SUNFLOWERS (Length 12:46)

Here are some inspiration how to use the single songs:

MORNING GLORY – is stimulating, activating, etherous

WIDE LANDS – is meant to open, for the feeling of wideness

PURE – just the body tambura alone played in tender, kind manner, therefore useable for a lot of situations

WAVES – let you feel the inner ocean, the depth of your soul, can also be used for inner cleansing

SUNFLOWERS – is experimental and also deep, a warm song with a nature‘s rhythm

You are interested in a resonance treatment with the body tambura?!
Please, visit Julia’s other website for more information & booking.

The body tambura is a high-quality, beautiful creation of the „Klangwerkstatt“ of Bernard Deutz in Berlin.
For more information and more great instruments please visit

Feedback about the CD „WAVES“

„Es ist immer wieder beeindruckend wie berührt die Zuhörer bei unseren Konzerten vom Klang der Körpertambura und dem einfühlsamen Spiel von Julia Domenica sind. Die CD ‘Waves’ ist ein wunderbares Werk! ich empfehle diese perlenartigen Klänge gerade auch zur Meditation!“ – Thomas Busse

„Liebe Julia, meinen allerherzlichsten Dank für deine CD WAVES. Besonders das Stück PURE hilft meinen 2 ängstlichen Hunden durch die Silvesterknallerei und Gewitter zu kommen. Einfach im Hintergrund laufen lassen und auf repeat stellen. Es ist soooooo genial!!!!“ – Manuella Vetter

„Herzlichen Dank für die CD. Sie ist sehr schön ruhevoll und gut als ‚Hintermalung‘ von Yoga- und anderer Praxis geeignet.“ – P.F. (Yoga-Lehrerin)

„Hallo liebe Julia! Wir haben uns beim Konzert kennengelernt…ich male die Engel…ich wollte Dir noch berichten das mit Deiner schönen Cd einige sehr interessante spezielle Engel für mein Engelkartenset entstanden sind.Die Körpertamburamusik ist sehr gut geeeignet um in der Verbindung zum Flow damit zur Stille …Quelle wie man es auch bezeichnen möchte….zu sein! Eine Freundin der ich nach dem Konzert von Dir erzählt habe…sie ist Dir sehr ähnlich…hat sich sofort das Instrument bestellt und es ist genau ihr Ding….wenn das Set mit den Engeln auch in die Welt geboren wird…also ich es schaffe mich zu zeigen…Verlag zu finden …melde ich mich noch mal damit Du mal schauen kannst welche unter dem Einfluss Deiner Töne entstanden sind…..also vielen Dank nochmal für die Inspiration und ich wünsch Dir einen guten Jahresstart…natürlich auch Grüsse für Thomas und auch ein gutes Gelingen im neuen Jahr …….herzlichst Christiane Zimmmermann-Boden“ – Christiane Zimmer-Boden